Company Profile

Marwest Utility Services Ltd. was founded in 1987, and has grown to become one of the largest gas utility companies in the Interior of British Columbia. In 2007, Rocky McLeod acquired Marwest and aligned it with Darlen Transport. In 2022 Marwest joined Roga Group, and it now provides a complete range of services in construction and maintenance of natural gas utilities; pipeline location, maintenance and installation; and pipeline construction.


Processes and Community Development

Marwest is a 100% Indigenous-owned company, with ventures in energy and other industries. Our company operates throughout Western and North Western Canada and brings the experience and understanding of project delivery from both the owners’ and the contractors’ perspectives.

Recognized as the All-Nations Trust Aboriginal Company of the Year in 2012, Marwest is proud of its affiliation with the Aboriginal community and continues to strengthen those partnerships with new ventures.

Our project managers and construction overhead teams bridge the interests of industry and local stakeholders. Marwest fosters participation in strategic alliances with Indigenous communities for the delivery and execution of projects.

Marwest is proud to be a member of the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Businesses and is a Certified Aboriginal Business.


As a 100% Indigenous-owned company, Marwest has a strong Indigenous Procurement and visible ESG policy. 

Marwest has formal partnerships with the following Nations:

  • Whispering Pines / Clinton Indian Band
  • T'Kemlups te Secwepemc
  • Upper Nicola Indian Band
  • Nazko First Nation
  • West Moberly First Nation
  • Esdilagh First Nation
  • BC Metis Federation

The ROGA Group has further partnerships with many other Nations that span the majority of the province of British Columbia. No matter what job site, Marwest provides an indigenous perspective and component to the work.